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Empowering generations for a successful journey, together

Empowermind delivers programs to support skill development, mental health and wellbeing of children based on Neuroscience, Early Years research and Coaching. We work with both children and parents in order to boost meaningful skills for this generation.

Our science based program is designed to deliver a powerful mindset and soft skills for children. We support children with their own unique needs and help them develop a mindset oriented to growth as well as self confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership and resilience.

All the content and methodology is delivered in a fun and engaging way.  These topics are generally not included in mainstream schools or pre-schools curriculum but are extremely relevant for the challenges they will face ahead in life.


Develop sense of leadership and think differenltly

Build confidence and resilience for a lifetime

Better emotional intelligence

Develop a powerful set of beliefs and mindset

Why is this program relevant to you and your children?

The early years represent a window of opportunity for learning and skill formation: 85% of brain development occurs in the first 5 years of life;

Neuroscience has evolved more in the last 5 years than in the last 50 years; and 

Most of our values and belief systems are shaped in our childhood, especially up to to 7 years old.

Now we have the knowledge and resources to take this generation to the next level by developing meaningful skills and also reverse the current scenario of increasing mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, bullying and reliance on screen time.

If you are a parent who wants to further support your children’s development for a successful life in an affordable way or if you are facing some issues with your child and want to have a better and healthier family relationship, Empowermind will support you and your child development.


They engage the children in various fun educational games and perfectly manage the different schedules and needs. I am confident your children will love it as ours still do!

Eleonora Berlusconi

Mother of three children and daughter of ex Italian Prime Minister

They provided excellent tools and strategies to better support the development of my daughter. We feel happy and safe to have such meaningful program to contribute to her childhood development.

Nadia Sarmento

Mother of one girl and Lawyer

Empowermind featured in New South Wales Government News

Empowermind was featured in the New South Wales Government Startup Newsletter due to the meaningful content released for parents and children for free during the COVID-19 times.

Empowermind released in the month of April one video every week with 7 activities to do with children at home to help parents connect and have fun with their kids. The videos can be found on Empowermind Youtube channel.

NEWS: UNICEF Australia and Empowermind

Empowermind Founder and CEO, Clarissa Campos, had the opportunity to meet the CEO of UNICEF Australia, Tony Stuart to share common goals and practices for a better future.

Together we can go further supporting children’s wellbeing and skills set by creating a better future!

NEW: Young Entrepreneurs Program

  • Support children’s innovation and entrepreneurial skills
  • Develop creative business ideas while having fun
  • Encourage children to take on new challenges