Our approach

Our Approach

Our unique approach combines both children and parents so that we reach the best of both worlds in a common direction.


For children, Empowermind delivers activities and tools in fun and engaging way so that they learn all the skills by experience.  As part of early years development, these meaningful learnings will stay with them for a lifetime.


For the parents our approach includes coaching sessions, specific tools, techniques and science based content to support the specific stage of development that their children are at.


For schools our approach includes special programs and school workshops specially designed to get the best of your students. Programs such as Awaken your Creative Genius and our Mindfulness Program for children are in evidence.


Customised approach: we taylor our solutions towards your needs

Holistic approach: working with both children and parents 

Science based approach: program based on research

Ongoing support: specialised support when you need the most

We have a science based approach to boost the best of each cognitive stage at different childhood ages and phases. For the children, our approach is based on activities, games, fun interactions and tools to develop the soft skills and meaningful learnings for life.

Our approach is delivered through fun, engaging and interactive interactions that help develop confidence, emotional intelligence and resilience in the formative years, boosting these near connections. Most of the learnings experienced through the early years go directly to the unconscious mind and will remain with the person for a long period of time.  By supporting specific skills and beliefs at an early stage we are developing and boosting these skills, as well as “storing” them in the unconscious mind for a long period of time.

Our approach is highly customised and will help parents and schools boost children development, having healthier and more creative children.

Parents are the main reference an example for their children as they model and imitate their parents throughout their journey. The approach with both parents and children is fundamental to make sure they are both aligned to the same direction in an harmonious way for a happy and meaningful family relationship.

We also support parents throughout their journey, providing tools, specialized content and support to deal with issues or questions they might have over time.