Empowermind taylors specialised services for different needs, issues and time frames. We believe that customisation and affordability should go together.

See below for our service offerings.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

  • Support kids’ innovation and entrepreneurial skills
  • Develop creative business ideas while having fun
  • Encourage children to take on new challenges

Creative Genius Program – Schools

  • Support kids’ innovation, creativity and technology skills
  • 3D Printing and Innovation to build their skills of the future
  • Program delivered in partnership with Educational Providers

One to one sessions

  • Customised approach tailored to your unique needs
  • Neuroscience and Coaching tools to boost your child’s development
  • Benefits of working with both parents and children separately

Group sessions

  • Content specially developed for specific ages and stages of development
  • Meaningful interactions with other children of similar ages
  • Feedback session with parents every month
  • Small number of children


  • Valuable content and strategies that can be applied immediately
  • Years of meaningful research and content delivered in a short period of time
  • Connect with like-minded parents

Online Program

  • Online and ongoing support
  • Learn in your own time and from anywhere
  • Be part of our community of empowered parents to connect

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