Supporting a growth mindset in children

Mindset is a perception that people hold about themselves and certain things in life. Our mindset can get us stuck in many aspects of our lives or can help us grow and thrive even on adverse moments. But how we can actually do so?

Psychologist Dr Carol Dweck on her best selling book called Mindset explains that there are two main types of mindset: the fixed and the growth mindset. We all have aspects of both but tend to have one more than the other.

In a fixed mindset people tend to believe that their basic qualities, like intelligence or talent, are fixed traits. They believe that you either have one characteristic or not.

In the other hand, in a growth mindset people tend to believe that talent can be acquired and developed. Effort plays a vital role in the belief system and makes anything possible. They believe that things can be learnt as our traits are not fixed and can always be developed and improved.

If you are curious about which type of mindset you have predominantly, try asking yourself these questions: how do you feel like about learning a new language? Or maybe playing a new sport or starting a new hobby? These answers can give you a hint about your own beliefs, mostly influenced by your own childhood.

Children will often develop their mindset based on experiences, example by close family members and things they are often told by others. It is important to have awareness about what we tell them on a daily basis but also fundamental to reflect about our actions and the meaning and impact they have for others, especially children. Most times actions speak louder than words and walk the talk is fundamental for children to have important lessons and beliefs derived from it.

Affirmations can be a great way to help children develop a growth mindset in the sense that we can learn and get better at anything in life. The phrase “Repetition is the mother of success” conveys the meaning that it is not enough to do something once or twice but the repetition is key until it becomes automatic for us. This is specially true with the affirmations, they need to become natural and part of the child mindset so that those beliefs will be embedded in their actions and outlook on life.

As a free bonus, Empowermind is offering a poster with 15 Growth Mindset Affirmations for children to help them build the resilience and love for challenges in life.

You can download the document on the link below. Enjoy and lets exercise our mindset muscle!

Download here

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