The Early Years

The Early Years

The early years are fundamental years for the formation of a human being: research evidence supports that most of the values and belief systems we carry throughout life are actually shaped up to 7 years old.

The early years present a window of opportunity to develop a positive mindset and meaningful skills that will shape children’s behavior going forward in life. 

Children are the most influenced in their early years, absorbing all positive but also less positive experiences.

The significant Return on Investment for the Early Years

Source: Heckman and LaFontaine (2007)

Economists such as Nobel Prize winner, James Heckman, have shown that early learning is an exceptional investment.

For each dollar spent, there is up to a return on investment of 13%. The benefits of the investment include:

  • Improved educational achievements;
  • Improved health and cost savings;
  • Reduced social issues and
  • Greater productivity, leading to economic growth. 

The early learning programs are important because they set the foundation for future learning. The learning process is like building a house: it is very hard to have a stable and secure house if we do not have a good foundation to build from.